Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gardening 101

Gardening for Dummies!

It has been a while since I did some gardening for my free-time. As far as I can remember, it was 2 years ago, when I was a fellow at UTMKL.

The house allocated to me by the university had a place for me to plant something, and I did. I bought some Mustard leaves seeds (biji benih sawi) and Ulam Raja.

Unfortunately, it only lasted for about 2 months after the pakcik gardener trimmed off the lawn including my veggies.

When I came back from the office, I found everything has been cut off. Then I lose all interest to pursue any gardening as I found it frustrating, especially when all my hard work gone to waste in the hands of pakcik gardener.

But everything is in the past. Now, with no more pakcik gardener around, I'm determine to continue what I've started back home.

A few days ago, we went to B&Q and Tesco searching for gardening materials (tools, pots, compost and seeds).

This time, we tried to be more organized and 'follow the instruction' accordingly to ensure better result.

With summer just around the corner, I hope we can enjoy fresh vegetables from our own garden, planted by own hands and sweat.

I will update the gardening progress from time to time (if everything goes well, haha).


* sHeqa * said...

mest cik hisyam sedey tgk rumah lama dah takde. LICIN terus.
blok sume byk dah takde...

Dr. Sepet said...

tulah, banyak kenangan kat UTMKL, biarpun tak lama