Monday, 28 July 2008

Harga Minyak Di Singapura TURUN lagi! - Kali ke-5 dalam tempoh 20 hari

Selasa, 29 Julai 2008

Oleh BHS

HARGA minyak petrol turun lagi semalam, sebanyak 10 sen setiap liter - penurunan terbesar sejak Ogos 2003. Ini kali kelima harga minyak petrol turun dalam masa 20 hari. Langkah semalam dimulakan Shell, yang kemudian diikuti Caltex, Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) dan Mobil.

Dengan penurunan harga itu, harga minyak petrol sebelum ditolak diskaun di kedai minyak sekarang adalah $2.110 seliter bagi petrol oktana 98, $2.036 seliter bagi petrol oktana 95 dan $2.003 seliter bagi petrol oktana 92.

Harga minyak petrol premium sebelum ditolak diskaun pula adalah $2.239 seliter bagi Shell V-Power dan $2.236 seliter bagi Caltex Platinum.

Menurut para penganalisis, harga minyak petrol turun kebelakangan ini kerana kebimbangan tentang permintaan minyak semakin reda.

Harga minyak mentah mencecah paras AS$100 setong pada awal tahun ini, sebelum meningkat ke beberapa paras rekod akibat kebimbangan mengenai permintaan minyak yang terus bertambah ekoran ketegangan antara Barat dengan Iran mengenai program nuklear Teheran.

Ketidakstabilan di Nigeria, salah sebuah negara pengeluar minyak Afrika utama, turut menjadi faktor, kata para pengamat.

Harga minyak boleh jatuh ke paras AS$70 dan AS$80 setong jika dolar Amerika terus kukuh dan kebimbangan mengenai Iran berkurangan, kata ketua Pertubuhan Negara-Negara Pengeksport Minyak (Opec), Chakib Khelil, Sabtu lalu.

Berita penurunan harga minyak petrol semalam melegakan para pemandu, terutama seperti Muhd Fuzail, yang perbelanjaan kereta beliau mencecah sekitar $500 sebulan.

'Oleh kerana saya perlu menggunakan kereta untuk ke sana sini dalam menjalankan tugas saya, tentunya penurunan harga minyak menggembirakan saya.

'Saya harap harga minyak akan terus berkurangan,' kata pegawai teknikal berumur 32 tahun itu.

What will be your choice? - Despatches reveals the truth about Sandwiches

Just now I watched a TV series called "Despatches" with today's highlight on revealing the actual process in sandwich making by major sandwich stores in UK. Purpose of the controversial report is to educate the public to think on what they eat everyday and its effects on their health.

Reporters used various approaches including working as practical trainee, meeting with pest control department, food standard agencies, Prof in nutrition in Imperial College to get clear feedback and situation on what is really going on.

Sandwich is an all-time popular meal among UK citizens. However, most customers weren't aware of the 'real' content of sandwiches that they take for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner! (except both of us are very fussy about the contents of what we buy from the stores to make sure the food is made from Halal origin).

Content of general fat, saturated fat, salt and source of selected chicken and bacon also been revealed. At the end of the programme, 5 major and famous sandwich dealer/seller have been compared in terms of general fat (Best score for Boots and Worst for Greggs); saturated fat (Best for Greggs and Worst for Subway) and salt contain (Best for Boots and Worst for Subway).

So, what's going to be your choice?

Sunday, 27 July 2008

A Trip To Reading

Assalamualaikum to all,

This is my 4th entry for today (I've been slacking off for almost two weeks now, :))! For this entry, I would like to share about my 1st visit to Reading (about 20 minutes by train from Oxford).

The day before, we have friends (Kamaruddin, Maslizah and their 2 daughters) from Newcastle for a pre-planned visit (they've informed us a month before). We were expecting another guest from Reading, whom we were told a long lost friend of ours. Maslizah was being very mysterious about this 'friend', but being impatient we managed to find out through Maslizah's friendster page (this took a minor investigation on the net, hehe).

Well, it turned out to be Salwa a.k.a Wawa, my classmate from my diploma and 1st degree years in UTM Skudai. It has been almost 5 years since we last met. She's currently pursuing her Masters degree in University of Reading in construction management, which also the course and university that my wife went to for her Masters degree in 2004/2005.

All of them spent the night at our humble crib, and Alhamdulillah we managed to fit everyone in the confined space of our flat. Wawa invited us all to a BBQ gathering of Malaysians in Reading the next day. I've never been to Reading before, and my wife was very keen to go back to her old place, so we accepted the invitation.

After a short outing at Oxford city centre, we took a train to Reading. My 1st impression; the city centre was very much bigger (and more modern) than Oxford. Reading has few similar features with Oxford; conservation of old prominent buildings such as churches and shop houses. We went to Riverside Shopping Centre and later took a bus to the BBQ gathering.

At the gathering, we met other Malaysians who are currently doing their PhD. It is really a small world after all, as I met my seniors from MRSM Muar and also my friend's elder sister from UTM. We had a great time chatting and mingling with them, when it was finally time for us to leave for Oxford at around 6.30pm.

It was a very tiring day, but it was nice to meet other people and share stories about doing PhD abroad. I hope that I can visit other places in the UK in the near future.

Me and my wife

From left: Maslizah, Siti Salwa, Kamarudin and Me

Till we meet again. Wassalam.

Punting at Wolfson College, Oxford University

Another meaningful weekend! Today (Sunday, again I can't remember the date, DDDOOOHH!), we went punting (bersampan) at Wolfson College, courtesy of a friend at Wolfson (our 1st luck). The best part was we got it for free, saved a few qiuds from renting a boat.

There were 6 of us; me, my wife, Abang Rosli, Yani, Nurul and Elly. Even though it was difficult and very tiring to maneuver the boat, it was soo enjoyable; a day away from the stress of thinking about my research and enjoying the panoramic view of the beautiful Oxford canal.

Our 2nd luck of the day was when another colleague in Wolfson offered us lunch at her room. Here are the photos of our punting outing.

Thanks guys!

My Latest Collection

A few weeks ago (can't remember the exact date), me and my wife went to charity shop in St. Clements, near Oxford town centre looking for new stuffs (e.g. miniature houses) to add to our existing collection. Unfortunately, it was not our lucky day because although the shop was full with collectible items, we did not manage to find any miniature houses.

However, I spotted a box full of miniature toys (army vehicles). Huuuu... it was my lucky day! Plus,I only paid 3pounds for the whole lot. As for my wife, she didn't find anything interesting to buy. So, I bought her a nice lunch at Nando's (they serve Halal chicken in Cowley Road).

The Discovery of New Oil Reservoir - New and cheaper price for oil?

It has been a long time since my last entry. I've been busy for the past few weeks, plus I'm too lazy to update my blog (hehe). However, I found an interesting article about the discovery of a new oil reservoir in the Arctic.

For further information/reading satisfaction, please visit website as shown in the picture. With 90 BILLION barrels of reserve capacity, it may boost and change the world's production patterns and prices (perhaps, becoming more cheaper) in years to come.

With oil price increased in Malaysia recently, Rakyat (Low and Medium income groups) are suffering 'the chain reaction' especially the increment of cost of living. Suddenly, everything seems to be expensive, even to buy a bungkus of nasi lemak, and parents have to carefully plan out a family weekend trip (due to increased traveling costs).

However, with decreasing of global oil price recently, the government should look for a long-term solution of the Rakyat's problems. Perhaps, more sustainable solution can be derived and concerning current situation, it is almost possible that local oil price can be reduced (slightly) by the government.

Till we meet again, Wassalam.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Man Bai - Apa Sebenarnya

Jangan simpan duit..kertas and electronic..


Saiful Ngatmi


Ahmad Shahril bin Abdul Aziz
Agency Supervisor

"Aku tak baca detail sangat... tapi sejak jadi unit trust consultant ni... aku tahu satu teori yg disebut RULE 72*. Org ekonomi tahu benda ni.

Kalau nak tahu half value the money... guna rule ni bahagikan dengan inflasi rate. Skrg ni inflasi 4% >, 72*/4 = 18. Meaning to say... dlm masa 18 tahun lagi value duit RM100 skrg akan jadi RM 50 dalam temph masa 18 tahun akan dtg.

Oleh itu, saving kita hendaklah cari yg dapat bagi return per year lebih besar drpd interest rate. Kalau saving dlm Tabung Haji 4.75% dgn interest rate 4%, dalam masa 18 tahun akan dtg, secara teori kita akan hanya ada keuntungan 0.75% shj. !!

OLEH itu juga simpan didalam instrumen yg bolh bagi return yg besar dan selamat."

"pasal financial planning tu, kau kata duit boleh simpan sampai 2nd & 3rd generation. Aku ragu2 sikit sbb apa yg aku tahu, pakar2 ekonomi dunia meramalkan akan berlaku krisis ekonomi yg teruk yg boleh hancurkan ekonomi kapitalis. (mereka bukan Tuhan tapi sekurang-kurangnya mereka ada fakta yg kukuh untuk sokong pendapat mereka. Pakar ekonomi Islam yg merujuk kepada Al-Quran dan hadis juga mengesahkan perkara ini pasti akan terjadi)

Bila ekonomi kapitalis collapse, kita tak boleh ambik duit dlm bank. Aku dengar ceramah Mr Matthias Chiang, bekas penasihat politik Tun Dr M. Dia kata ni pasti jadi dlm masa terdekat, 5 thn, tapi perkara ni tak mungkin dicakap dalam perhimpunan agung umno. Dia ni Christian Katolik yg anti-Zionis. Dia kemukakan bukti berupa kenyataan2 oleh penasihat2 Bush, professor di Havard dan Oxford, org2 kuat IMF, Bank Dunia dan segala sifu zionis. Mrk kata system ekonomi kapitalis akan collapse, keadaan dunia akan jadi lebih teruk daripada krisis ekonomi dunia 1930's. Mamat ni masih close dgn Tun Dr M dan tulis buku tajuk "FUTURE FASTFOWARD".

Aku juga jumpa Umar Vadillo yg terkenal di peringkat dunia kerana mengkaji system kapitalis. Aku pernah wawancara dia di Hotel Prince, KL masa dia dtg nak jumpa Tun Dr M. Dia kata system kapitalis memang dah nak hancur tak lama lagi. Jadi org sekarang beli duit emas yg dikeluarkan oleh syktnya beribupejabat di Dubai dan ada cawangan di Labuan. Dia kata kat aku, org Malaysia yang paling byk simpan duit emas dalam akaun syarikat dia ialah Dr M dan Pak Lah. Maknanya Dr M dan Pak Lah memang well prepared untuk hadapi kehancuran system kapitalis.

Seorang professor ekonomi di UIA, Prof Kamil ada tulis buku pasal masalah duit kertas dan duit dalam bentuk angka ni (duit elektronik). Dia kata duit dalam bentuk angka tu sebenarnya tak wujud pun dlm bank. Duit kertas yg kita simpan bawah bantal atau tabung di rumah pulak akan menyusut dan menyusut dengan teruk sekali nanti. RM1,000 hari ni tak boleh beli apa pun di masa depan. Terkejut aku baca penerangan dia pasal "money creation" oleh bank. Masalahnya, cerita pasal ni tak keluar pun dalam akhbar arus perdana Malaysia (i.e. berita harian, utusan, star, nst.

Akhbar kita hanya memetik sebijik2 laporan CNN, BBC, CNBC, Reauters yang sebenarnya tak betul tu). Sekarang, ekonomi sudah teruk. Nak tahu teruk atau tidak, jangan tengok CNN, CNBC, Reauters dan sebagainya. Media macam ni tak akan cakap perkara yg benar. Tapi bacalah akhbar2 eksklusif utk geng2 Zionis spt Herald, Weekly Commentator, Jerusalem Post, etc. Akhbar ni boleh di access via internet. Media mcm ni dibaca oleh sifu-sifu zionis. Aku kemudian buat research sikit2 pasal money meltdown melalui internet. Lepas tu, aku buat research pasal kekayaan dalam Islam.

Aku dapat tahu kekayaan sebenar ialah :-

1. tanah (lebih baik tanah tepi sungai atau yg ada air mengalir berdekatannya)

2. emas dan perak

Mengejutkan, sekarang ini emas lah yang sedang dikumpul oleh zionis. Rezab emas terbesar berada di US dan Europe. Nak ambil emas, mereka tukarkan kepada negara lain dgn duit kertas. Harus diingat geng2 Zionis itu lah juga yg memiliki bank. (Sila rujuk buku2 atau rencana internet mengenai sejarah dan asal usul bank)

Sudahnya, kita semua satu dunia, simpan duit kertas yg menurut pakar ekonomi tak akan bernilai di kemudian hari. (RUJUK RENCANA2 VIA INTERNET DI BAWAH TOPIC "THE DEATH OF MONEY) Yg bernilai ialah emas, minyak dan kemudiannya air bersih. (kerana air akan tercemar dengan teruk di masa depan. BBC pada tahun 2001 melaporkan bahawa air Sea of Galilee (sebuah tasik sebenarnya) di Palestin sedang surut dan tidak ada tanda2 akan pasang semula. Saintis buat kiraan dalam 50 tahun lagi tak ada setitik air pun di situ. Middle East dan Zionis akan bercakaran kerana air pulak!

Separuh kedua abad ini adalah era "haus kerana tidak ada air" dan "bergelap kerana tiada minyak" menurut kata penganalisis dunia).

Tahun lepas, aku attend seminar nuclear di hotel renaissance. Seorang pakar Jepun kata minyak dlm bumi ni hanya bertahan utk 30 tahun saja. Lepas tu, aku tanya Tan Sri Penasihat Sains Negara, "Tan Sri, apa kita nak buat sebab kita tak ada polisi tenaga nuklear?" Dia jawab, "no comment. You kena tanya menteri." Aku call pejabat menteri, menteri lak pergi US. Masa tu aku tengah tulis rencana mengenai polisi tenaga nuclear Malaysia sebagai persediaan hadapi kekurangan minyak.

Aku juga pernah wawancara seorang ahli korporat yg juga kawan baik atau mungkin juga kroni kepada Tun Dr M. Datuk ni mengaku dia tak simpan duit kertas dlm bank, tapi simpan duit emas. Keuntungan yg dia dapat daripada aktiviti perniagaan pulak dibahagi-bahagikan pada org miskin. 'I don't keep money," macam tu lah dia kata kat aku.

Lepas aku wawancara dia, dia bagi hadiah kat aku tiga buah buku berkaitan duit kertas dan kaitannya dengan RIBA (FAEDAH BANK). Buku tu menerangkan bahawa RIBA (FAEDAH BANK), duit kertas dan duit elektronik akan dengan sendirinya jadi penyebab kepada kehancuran system ekonomi kapitalis nanti.

Bukti dah ada depan mata iaitu krisis ekonomi Asia 1997 angkara George Soros dulu. Datuk tu kata dia tengah kaji Al- Quran dan dpt tahu apa erti kekayaan yg sebenar. Bila baca surah Yusuf, dia terkejut dan baru tahu kita semua kena simpan MAKANAN, bukannya DUIT KERTAS or DUIT ELEKTRONIK.

Mengejutkan juga bila dapat tahu, US sekarang, selain emas dan minyak, sedang MENYIMPAN MAKANAN SEBERAPA BANYAK YG BOLEH! Duit kertas dan duit elektronik pulak dilambakkan ke negara lain di mana tiga per empat daripada dolar sekarang sedang berligar2 di luar US dan sedang menunggu masa untuk collapse. (rujuk rencana2 mengenai krisis dolar Amerika).

Di sini aku petik sikit beberapa kenyataan :-

MD IMF, Rodrigo de Rato, "We believe such a large imbalance of growing indebtedness by the US is a risk not only for the US economy, but for the world economy.

Bob Mc Teer, Presiden Reserve Bank of Dallas "over time there is only one direction for the dollar to go - lower".

Warren Buffet, pemain saham terkenal dunia kata : "we view them as TIME BOMBS both for the parties that deal in them and the economic system."

Paul Volker, bekas pengerusi Federal Reserve Board, "we have a 75% chance of a crisis wi! thin 5 years".

"Aku sekadar nak berkongsi pengetahuan dan mencetuskan pemikiran sahaja. Apa pun kau fikir pasal maklumat aku ni, terpulang lah" - sumber.

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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sistem pentadbiran

Bila negara bukan Islam di tadbir oleh orang bukan Islam, masyarakat Islamnya mengecapi kekayaan dan kemakmuran dalam hidup. Namun sedihnya, apabila negara Islam yang ditadbir pemimpin Islam sendiri, masyarakat Islamnya terus-menerus juga terjerumus ke kancah kemiskinan dan kemelaratan hidup. Adakah sistem pentadbiran yang bercirikan Islam lebih baik dan 'berkat' apabila dilaksanakan oleh pemimpin bukan Islam berbanding pemimpin Islam? Entahla, pening kepala dok pikir....