Monday, 28 July 2008

What will be your choice? - Despatches reveals the truth about Sandwiches

Just now I watched a TV series called "Despatches" with today's highlight on revealing the actual process in sandwich making by major sandwich stores in UK. Purpose of the controversial report is to educate the public to think on what they eat everyday and its effects on their health.

Reporters used various approaches including working as practical trainee, meeting with pest control department, food standard agencies, Prof in nutrition in Imperial College to get clear feedback and situation on what is really going on.

Sandwich is an all-time popular meal among UK citizens. However, most customers weren't aware of the 'real' content of sandwiches that they take for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner! (except both of us are very fussy about the contents of what we buy from the stores to make sure the food is made from Halal origin).

Content of general fat, saturated fat, salt and source of selected chicken and bacon also been revealed. At the end of the programme, 5 major and famous sandwich dealer/seller have been compared in terms of general fat (Best score for Boots and Worst for Greggs); saturated fat (Best for Greggs and Worst for Subway) and salt contain (Best for Boots and Worst for Subway).

So, what's going to be your choice?

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