Saturday, 26 November 2011

Politik, Wang & Kuasa

Saya sarankan anda mencari dan membaca novel bertajuk The Best Laid Plans oleh Sidney Sheldon

Kenapa novel ini? Sebabnya saya dapati idea mendiang mengenai "politik, wang dan kuasa" tidaklah jauh bezanya dengan realiti hari ini.

Sebagai "pembuka selera", berikut petikan dari naskah ini. My favourite quotation adalah ayat yang terakhir itu! Enjoy!

1 ----------------------
'I hate politics,' Oliver Russell said. Leslie looked at him in surprise. 'Then why in the world are you - ?'.

'Because I want to change the system, Leslie. It's been taken over by lobbyists and corporations that help put the wrong people in power and then control them'.

'The people who are running the country have turned it into an old boys' club. They care about themselves then they do about the people. It's not right, and I'm going to try to correct that".

2 ---------------------
Let me tell you something about money and power, Oliver. Money doesn't care who owns it. A bum can win it in a lottery, or a dunce can inherit it, or someone can get it by holding up a bank.

But power - that something different. To have power is to own the world.

If you were governor of this state, you could affect the lives of everybody living here. You could get bills passed that would help the people, and you'd have the power to veto bills that could harm them.
3 ----------------------
"You see, people have got it wrong. It's not who you know," Senator Davis explained, "it's what you know about who you know".

Everybody's got a little skeleton buried somewhere. All you have to do is dig it up, and you'll be surprised how glad they'll be to help you with whatever you need.

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