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EPL Facts & Stan Kroenke

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Stan Kroenke - Arsenal Owner

1) So, Stan Kroenke eh? Erm... who is he again?
He's the US billionaire who's just joint taken full control of Arsenal FC. The Gunners will be the newest, shiniest addition to his personal sports-team collection, alongside the St Louis Rams NFL franchise and the NBA's Denver Nuggets.

2) That's not really such a big collection, is it?
Well, he also owns the Colorado Avalanche ice-hockey team and the US Major League Soccer side the Colorado Rapids.

3) Fair enough. Is he popular at the club then?
More popular than when he first bought a stake in the club in 2007. Arsenal's chairman Peter Hill-Wood said at the time: "call me old-fashioned, but we don't need his money and we won't want his sort"

4) Ouch. That must make board meetings uncomfortable.
You would think, but Hill-Wood has completely changed his tune since then. Now he says that Kroenke, "values and respects the history and traditions of this very special club".

5) What's Stan like as a fellow then?
The thing is nobody really knows. His low profile and private nature have earned him the nickname "Silent Stan". Even though his first name's not even Stan. It's Enos.

6) Enos? What a strange name.
Only if you're not familiar with Enos Slaughter, the 1940s baseball player who lead the St Louis Cardinals to three World Series. Enos Stanley Kroenke was named in his honour.

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