Thursday, 16 August 2012

Oh My Anak (ft. Mawaddah)

Scene 1: Missing puzzle

Mawaddah: Ayah, the missing puzzle is gone..! (while pointing at her incomplete puzzle)
Ayah: Yes Mawaddah. That's why they called it 'missing'..
Mawaddah: But it's gone Ayah!
Ayah: Ayooo.. I give up-lah!

Scene 2: Selecting VCD

Mawaddah: Ayah, I want that CD...(pointing at CD's rack)
Ayah: Which CD Mawaddah? This one?
Mawaddah: Not that one.
Ayah: How about this one?
Mawaddah: No. I want that one (pointing at one CD)
Ayah: Good choice Mawaddah, it's Kaspersky Internet Security 2012...heh

But no actually, she went for her favourite Minnie Mouse CDs.

Scene 3: Asam

Mawaddah was eating her lollipop and I wanted to tease her.

Ayah: Mawaddah, you have to brush your teeth after you eat your sweets.
Mawaddah: Brush my teeth? But you have to brush your teeth too.
Ayah: But why? I'm not eating any candy...
Mawaddah: Yes, there's your candy (while pointing at my "asam").
Ayah: Alamak kantoi..Eerrr, that's not sweet, it's sour (masam I said). But it's OK, we'll brush teeth together after buka puasa eh?
Mawaddah: OK.
Ayah: Good, now you go watch Pingu!

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