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Post subject: Yahudi dan sukan


Malcolm Glazer, who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is Jewish.

Glazer has now won control of Manchester United, sparking outrage among fans.

Jewish Tribal Review has an article on Jewish influence in the sports business. Some quotes:

"All the heads of the 4 major American sports professional organizations are Jewish."

"By the early 1980s Jewish individuals owned or controlled a huge number of professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey and other sports teams."

"Some of these sports moguls have questionable pasts, having been linked (though never convicted of anything) with characters in the criminal underworld."

"Eventually, Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz, Waxey Gordon, Bugsy Siegel, Arnold Rothstein, and Lepke Buchalter helped move the criminal underworld into boxing."

"The world of sports betting and gambling has long been largely Jewish as well, influenced in many spheres by the Jewish criminal underworld..."

"Jews from around the world are buying up Great Britain's sports teams."

JTR Contributor's comment: "the wealthiest sports franschise in the world is Manchester United Football [soccer] Club."

"The billionaire Russian Jew, Roman Abramovitz, ... recently purchased for around 140 million pounds another wealthy English based football club, Chelsea...

"The ... interesting thing is, of course, the increasing number of Jewish owners or CEOs in English football.... There is also David Levy, who is CEO at Tottemham FC, which was ranked the 16th richest football club in the world in 2001, with an annual income of around 108.5 million US. David Dein of Arsenal, which was ranked 10th in the world in the same year (151.9 million US). Then there was former Charman of Manchester City club, David Berstein, which although not in the top 20 of world football clubs, is a fairly well supporter team in England (definitely in the top 20 in terms of wealth)."

p/s: jika anda begitu sayangkan yahudi/israel, maka wajarlah anda menjadi pendokong fanatik kepada kelab-kelab sukan sebagaimana yang penulis asal artikel ni nyatakan.


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