Saturday, 11 October 2008


Just a moment ago, I watched a news (Buletin Utama, 11/10/08 - on my own birthday!) about pembuangan bayi, still with his tali pusat, wrapped with sejadah, at the Muslimah prayer room, Masjid Terapung in Kuala Ibai, Terengganu.

I feel very mad ever since I watch this news, as I'm patiently waiting for my first baby. Every day I pray to Allah the Almighty for the safety of our baby and its mother and may Allah bless him with good healthy.

But this person/couple or whoever that committed this event, should be punished by Allah. Celakalah Mereka, I coursed them all the way! How can they kill or let an innocent baby return to Allah just like that. How irresponsible!

Please do something:

For eager teenages out there, avoid yourself from getting involved with social problems, choose a fiends wisely, learn about your agama, that will guide you and prohibit you from a trap of satan.

For parents out there, please monitor your sons/doughters, get to know whose their friends, where they go every night and for what purpose, etc.

For ustaz and law enforcement especially the police and teams from Pejabat Agama out there, please stop sleeping. This buang bayi phenomenon had becoming worst every day and each case becoming more weird. Play your roles bacause you need to face and answer to Allah in hereafter.

I always make a doa so Allah will guide me and my family and may Allah will always protect us and other fellow Muslims against this fitnah.

Islam Hadhari, Terengganu Bestari = what a shame!



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