Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What I've Learn in English Class Today

Salam to all,

I just went back from attending English class (for communication). Today's module was quite interesting (as always), we learn about pronunciation (again?) and how to lead a discussion and holding the floor.

And as usual, I have to lend my ears to my friend Congolese, listen to his memememe... and a lot of arguments (sometimes irritating). But that what I want to share here.

Today I want to share a very useful thing that may help us all in improving our academic writing. YES, the use of Latin phrases in academic writing. Enjoy!!

cf (confer) = compare with
e.g. (exempli gratia) = for example
et al. = and others, especially listing authors
etc. (etcetcera) = and so on
ibid. (ibidem) = in the same place
i.e. (id est) = in other words; that is
inter alia = among other things
loc. cit. (loco citato) = in the place mentioned
modus operandi = a method of working; a system
N. B. (nota bene) = note well
non sequitur = it does not follow logically
op. cit. (opere citato) = in the work already named
p.a. (per annum) = by the year
per capita = for each person; per head
per diem = by the day
per se = in itself; intrinsically
status quo = me existing state of affairs
via = by means of
V. @ Vs. (versus) = against
AD (anno domini) = in the years of ourLord
ad infinitum = to infinity; unending
finis = the end
sic = thus; used when quoting a writer's incorrect words
sine qua non = something essential; without which not
de facto = un-elected leader

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